Corporate Health Care Schemes.
  » Starwell offers a unique range of healthcare schemes which are fully customized according to requirement of prospective corporate clients.

» Our plans are highly recognized and appreciated by our corporate clients for the options and the quality of service delivery.


  Insurance Fronted Health Plans.
» Starwell specialized in offering cost effective HMO (Health Maintenance Organization) Schemes through our established network in UAE, India, and Pakistan; these plans are fronted with major insurance companies in United Arab Emirates.

» The insurance companies are offering these plans especially for blue collar and staff category under their brand names.
  Corporate Health Care Consultancy.
» With the capacity of highly qualified and well experienced medical team, we take care of entire healthcare needs of our corporate clients which extend to the level of assisting them to fight against the epidemic conditions. 

» We also provide periodical health information reports to the clients to know their employees’ up to date health status.
  Medical Tourism.
» Starwell has extensive operation in India through its 3800 plus Network Hospitals for serving medical tourists and the insurance clients.

» Our service is much appreciated and encouraged for cost effective, value based, and quality systems among the medical tourists and the insurance companies.
  Medical Claims Process Outsourcing.
» With our strong medical, management manpower and the excellent customized software, we are capable of offering medical claims outsourcing support to insurance companies and medical providers.